Superman = Badass

*sigh* I know I should have just scrolled past instead of letting this bullshit pull my trigger, but…

I know everybody and everything everywhere has to pretend to be all thug-ass, “I’m a MAN.” “We’re coming for you,” gang-banger and shit or else it’s not “relatable to modern audiences,” but the whole fucking point of Superman is that, because nothing can hurt him, he gets to be better than all that.

Because he’s invulnerable, he alone is able to put the highest virtues of humanity into practice and not be chewed up and spit out by the weasels, opportunists, bullies and douche-bags that comprise 85-90 percent of human society. Because he’s all-powerful, he gets to be kind, to be deeply compassionate, to shrug off the slurs and the hate and do the right thing. The point of Superman is not that he’s a badass weapon of mass destruction, but that his innate decency keeps his awesome power in check. Jean-Luc Picard aside, what other character in popular culture has the mandate to embody restraint and provide example of the best we can be?

By Ymir’s beard, do we require that popular fiction debase our Wylies because the unabashed heroism of the perfect man person shames us when reflected against the reality of our scared, petty, craven and compromised “post-9/11” behavior? Can our homogenized and consolidated corporate marketplace even entertain the theoretical possibility of a noble idealist who doesn’t end up like Ned Stark or Bugs Raplin?

Whatever happened to the man of tomorrow?

The Man of Tomorrow got lost in a world that thinks wealth equals power and fear is a more powerful force than hope, which is why, for some odd reason, Batman is THE de facto hero of DC Comics and the template of the DC Entertainment empire. A cynical world needs a cynical hero.

I don’t believe that. 

I never believed that.

A cynical world needs a hero who inspires us. One who sees value in all of its citizens and believes that the human spirit is not only stronger than people believe it is but is greater than anything that tries to defeat it. 

The whole “nothing to fear but fear itself” attitudes of the FDR administration has been replaced by a “fear every thing and everyone that’s not like you” attitude. People would have brash, egotistical, self-obsessed characters who have their own agenda and a skewed, pessimistic view of humanity represent them. Broken folks nor people who truly see the good in others need not apply. 

Superman could rule the world if he wanted to, but he doesn’t want that. It never crossed his mind.

I hear the “oh, he’s so overpowered” excuse too much when I try to defend Superman. Yes, he has a great list of abilities, but he’d trade them in in a heartbeat if he could. Instead, you have a powerful individual walking on eggshells and being careful around others.

It’s not easy.

I think the proof that Superman can keep his powers in check, still remain optimistic in a dark world where the antihero reigns is proof enough for me that Superman is indeed a badass. The other stuff is just cake.

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